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Day Rate 

Half Day Rate 

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A bride is truly something special. Chances are, she has had visions of this day for as long as she could remember. She is unique, she is excited, she is nervous but one thing she is sure of, is that she wants to look and feel beautiful on her special day.  After the vows are said, and the party is over, she'll be left with memories and moments created. When she looks back at the day she said "I do", she'll remember how gorgeous she felt. 

I find  

  • Bride               $125*

    • Airbrush    $150*​

  • ​Trial​                $90*
    • AirBrush   $110*​
  • Bridal Party     $90*

    • Airbrush    $115*​

  • Jr. Brides         $65*

  • Flower Girl      $25*

Pricing (In-State)

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