Ct Makeup Artist

Frequently Asked Questions 

What products do you use in your kit?
I feel as a makeup artist I should always carry the best products for my clients. I use mainly all MAC products in my kit other than a few other brands that I found deliver just as good if not better such as Laura Mercier, Urban Decay, and Embryolisse. All products that make their way into my kit are hypoallergenic  and will NOT promote break outs on the skin. 

Are lashes included?
Yes, eyelashes are included in the pricing.

Why is bridal makeup more expensive?
Bridal makeup is more expensive for a few different reasons. Accommodating to a larger party requires more time and more products. There is a lot of preparation that the artist does leading up to the date such as planning, traveling, meetings with the bride to go over the agreement, scheduling, booking a reliable assistant and etc. Since the bride is the star of the show she is also reserved more time and receives special treatment for her makeup application. 

​Do you offer group discounts?

​No, I do not offer discounts for larger parties. I don't feel I should work harder for less. I also use a lot more makeup and spend a lot  more time on larger parties.The price compensates me for product, skill level, experience and time.